Muness Tool

This is a very handy tool that I personally use all the time. It combines Searching, Sharing, Scrapping and finally a link to this blog. To install this, simply drag and drop the button below onto the bookmark bar of your browser. You can then select some text in a web page, click the bookmark let and search Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Indeed, YouTube and Naukri  and also email scrapping is there

This is a great technique as it helps sales reps and job seekers like you to cater the leads much quicker and easier. it is  developed because to capture leads is a longer process. From conducting cold calls and emails and then following up continuously can consume a lot of time for sales reps like you to make a few sales conversions. 

It helps with:

Targeting ideal prospects much quicker

 Helps to sell better to leads 

Captures lead attention by offering alternatives much better than the solution they are incorporating;

                                                       Muness Tool


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